How to Buy an NFT

  1. Click the Marketplace Tab

  1. You can search via policy ID for collections, you can also sort price from low to high and random.

  1. Click on the asset you are interested in buying.

  2. Explore the Panel on the right.

To enhance the authenticity and transparency of your experience, we provide several key features:

  • Policy ID Verification: Confirm the authenticity of the asset by reviewing its unique policy ID.

  • Ownership History: Trace the asset's lineage through its complete ownership history.

  • Asset Properties: Explore the detailed characteristics and attributes of the asset.

  • Royalty Information: Understand the specific royalty percentage allocated to the NFT's creator from transactions.

  • Price Visibility: Gain insight into the asset's pricing to make informed decisions.

  • Easy Sharing: With a simple click of the share button, effortlessly copy the link to the listing for convenient sharing with others.

  1. Click purchase now.

  1. You can see the price and your PMX balance in your wallet.

  2. Click continue.

  3. Nami wallet will open asking you to confirm the transaction and sign with your password to complete the transaction.

  1. Wait to receive your asset!

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