Founder NFTs, What They Are and What They Do

PlayerMint's Founder NFTs are a digital collectible that provide exclusive benefits to their holders. These benefits are tailored to the PlayerMint ecosystem with things like early access to earning PMX, PlayerMint's token, and private NFT mints.
What are the benefits of owning a Founder NFT?
There are 2 different types of Founder NFTs that provide a nice set of benefits for their owners - Green Founder NFTs, which have a supply of 5,000 and Purple Founder NFTs, which have a supply of 2,000.
Both of these NFTs provide the following benefits:
  • Early access to earning and purchasing PMX at the launch of PlayerMint on the Cardano mainnet. This period of time is referred to as the "Founder Era"
  • The profiles of Founder owners will have something unique to highlight their ownership in the future
  • PlayerMint regularly hosts community events around gaming with prize pools of crypto. Founder owners that win these events will obtain the standard prize pool along with a bonus prize
  • Founder owners have access to special channels within the PlayerMint Discord that involve voting and giveaways
  • Access to CardanoCraft treasure hunts and the first land mint
    • CardanoCraft is a Minecraft-esque world with crypto integrations. CardanoCraft utilizes the open source Minetest engine
Purple Founder NFT owners will have access to:
  • PlayerMint Pro, which gives the owner access to a secondary prize pool of PMX to earn from. Note that any player can achieve Pro by holding a set amount of PMX.
How can I obtain a Founder NFT?
You can purchase a Green or Purple Founder NFT by heading to a popular Marketplace called JPG.Store. This Marketplace is built on the Cardano blockchain (just like us!) but uses the main crypto of Cardano called ADA to conduct trading. Trading on this Marketplace, like PlayerMint, must occur from a Cardano wallet like Nami.
ADA can be obtained through popular crypto exchanges like Coinbase or Binance. Once PlayerMint is fully operational on Cardano you'll be able to purchase Founder NFTs with PMX earned from gameplay performance!