Insufficient Wallet Balance

How to resolve the "Insufficient Wallet Balance" error notification

🤔 Why am I seeing this error notification?

This error notification occurs when there is not enough $ADA in your wallet balance, or the $ADA is spread too thin between multiple UTxOs.

🛠️ How can I fix this error?

The most guaranteed way to fix this error is to add $ADA to your wallet balance. You can do this by moving $ADA from an exchange or another wallet you own to the wallet connected to PlayerMint. An alternative way to resolve this issue is to send a sizeable amount or the entirety of your wallet balance to itself. This effectively combines all/some of the assets into one UTxO, making your $ADA more spendable. Be sure to triple-check that the wallet address you are sending to is your own! Please Note: the above option should only be used if you are very confident in utilizing a Cardano wallet. PlayerMint is not responsible if you send your wallet balance to the wrong address.

If you are unsure and/or need help resolving this error please reach out to the team on Discord.

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