Declined to Sign

How to resolve the "Declined to Sign" error notification

🤔 Why am I seeing this error notification?

You are seeing this notification because you received a transaction request in your wallet from PlayerMint that you declined to sign. Transaction requests occur after you click a button on PlayerMint that necessitates interaction with your wallet. For example the "Claim" or "Purchase now" button.

🛠️ How can I fix this error?

All you need to do is click the button that initiated the transaction request and decide to approve/sign it this time. For example, if you wanted to claim your $PMX but accidentally closed the transaction request you can click claim again. Please note: If you don't want to sign the transaction that is 100% ok! Click decline/exit the transaction request on anything you are not comfortable signing.

If you are unsure and/or need help resolving this error please reach out to the team on Discord.

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