What is PlayerMint and How Does it Work?

A quick guide to PlayerMint.
PlayerMint makes gaming a more rewarding experience through the use of crypto and NFTs. PlayerMint does this by creating prize pools of a crypto called PMX. Based off in-game performance over 5 day period gamers can earn a portion of the this prize pool in relation to their skill. Once the gamer has earned their PMX, they can take it to the Marketplace. This is a hub of NFTs that are listed for sale and purchasable with PMX.
Intrigued? We hope so! PlayerMint is a free-to-play experience where the use of crypto enables us to not need to fund the prize pool through charging you the gamer, bringing in sponsors, or covering the cost ourselves. Rather the crypto, PMX, is earned and the PlayerMint team works to provide it use cases, like the Marketplace, so it becomes valuable. If you are looking for detailed instructions on how to get started with PlayerMint, earn PMX, or participate in the Marketplace you can use the links provided.
Enjoy and please feel free to reach out!