Creating and Connecting your Nami Wallet

A step-by-step process on how to create your Nami wallet and connect it to PlayerMint.

Welcome to your first step on the PlayerMint journey! Lets get you setup with a wallet so you connect to PlayerMint and interact with the application. If you are curious as to what a wallet is be sure to check out our guide.

What is a Wallet?

A wallet is a secure space in which you can hold, send, and receive crypto assets. There are different wallets

Setting Up Your Wallet

This guide is for people that are new to the crypto space. If you are familiar with Cardano based applications feel free to skip this as long as you have the Nami Wallet added to your browser! Remember your wallets security is dependent on you. You are fully in control of the crypto-assets within it and are therefore responsible if anything happens to them.

  1. On your computer head to the Nami Wallet website

  2. Click on the logo of the browser you are currently using

  3. Once you've arrived at the Nami Wallet Chrome Web Store page click on the "Add to Chrome" button

  4. A popup will open asking you to confirm you want to add the extension. Click "Add Extension"

  5. After adding the extension a download will begin. Once this is complete click on the extensions icon of your browser. This is usually represented by a puzzle piece in the top right of your browser

  6. Click on the extension titled "Nami".

  7. A dropdown of the Nami wallet extension will open. Click on "New Wallet"

  8. You will see a security popup in the extension ensuring you are in a private place to write down your seed phrase. If you are click "I accept terms of use" and then "Continue"

  9. You should now be viewing a page with a list of 24 words. This is your seed phrase and is the ultimate access phrase to your wallet. Anyone with this phrase will be able to access your wallet and funds so be sure to keep it safe! If you loose access to your wallet for any reason your seed phrase is the only way to recover it. The image of the seed phrase for the wallet in this guide is purely for educational reasons, be sure not to share your seed phrase with anyone!

  10. It is recommended that you write your seed phrase on a note card or piece of paper to be kept in a secure dry place. If your seed phrase is stored digitally it is more susceptible to being viewed by hackers! Once you have clearly written all 24 words check the box and click "Next"

  11. To ensure you have written down your seed phrase properly the wallet should now prompt you to fill in a few words. Once you have done so click "Next".

  12. You have successfully secured your seed phrase! Now it's time to tie it to an account. This is made up of a name (use whatever suits you!) and a password. You will be prompted to type this password whenever sending a transaction or using a smart contract. Once you have typed your account name, password, and confirmation of password click "Create".

  13. Congratulations! You have completed every step to create your wallet. To open it just head to your extensions in your browser (usually a puzzle piece icon) and click on Nami. You will see a drop down that looks like this:

Using Your Wallet

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