Public Era User Guide

Welcome to the Public Era 🎉 We are so glad to have you! Enjoy playing, earning, and trading on the Web3 protocol built for AAA gaming titles.

Here is What You Will Need to Get Started

🪙 Wallet Setup

  1. 1.
    Open your Nami wallet and click on your profile picture
  2. 2.
    Click on "Settings" then "Network"
  3. 3.
    You will see a drop-down button. Make sure it is set to "Mainnet"
  4. 4.
    Back out to the main page of your Nami wallet and click your profile picture once more
  5. 5.
    Click on "Collateral" and make sure it is set! If it is not, be sure to do so! You will need ADA to do this You have completed all steps necessary to get your wallet ready 🥳

👩‍💻 PlayerMint Account Setup

Head on over to to get started by connecting your Nami Wallet. Next, you will be able to connect your Epic Games account to PlayerMint. This is done through a tool built by Epic Games called "Epic Online Services". This tool lets us authenticate your account so we can properly track and reward your gameplay performance! We never know details about your account other than your Epic Games Username, ID and gameplay performance data.

🎮 Play Fortnite

Now it's time to drop into Fortnite Battle Royale! Please focus on enjoying the game and let PlayerMint/$PMX be a reward for having fun.
PlayerMint determines how much $PMX someone earns by their position on the Leaderboard. Leaderboard position is determined by how much XP you generate from in-game actions. The Leaderboard and $PMX prize pool reset every 5 days (epoch), and the leaderboard updates every hour on the 30-minute mark.
Only Solo matches of non-ranked Zero Build and Build generate XP. Additionally your Epic Games account must have Public Match statistics enabled (can update inside Fortnite).
In-Game Action
XP Generated
Victory Royale
Top 3
Top 5
Top 6
Top 10
Top 12
Top 25
Note that XP in PlayerMint works like a ladder. If you get to the top 10 and achieve 3 eliminations you will generate 100 XP (60 XP from eliminations, 15 XP for top 10, 10 XP from top 12, and 15 XP from top 25).
PlayerMint Pro
If you hold a Purple Founder NFT or +10k PMX your account has gone Pro! This means you will gain a 20% boost to all XP you generate.

🏆 Claiming $PMX

To claim $PMX head over to the Leaderboard page of PlayerMint. At the top of the Leaderboard page, you will see a dashboard
featuring information about the epoch and your performance in it. The box titled "Pending Payouts"
displays the amount of $PMX you currently have available to claim. This $PMX can build up over numerous epochs before it's claimed (we may add a time limit in the future).
To claim your $PMX click on the button titled "Claim". This will initiate a signature request for a transaction of 6 ADA. 4 of this ADA is charged as a service fee by PlayerMint. The other 2 ADA is used to send your claimed $PMX back to you (~1.5 ADA on min UTxO and ~0.5 ADA on return transaction fee).
PlayerMint uses a batch-style transaction system to return $PMX to wallets that have claimed. This means every ~5 minutes the batch tool checks for claim transactions and then creates a transaction(s) to send $PMX to every wallet that claimed (the ~1.5 ADA min UTxO and ~0.5 ADA transaction fee is used here).

🛒 Using $PMX and the Marketplace

There are two main ways in which you can utilize or 'spend' your $PMX. The first is PlayerMint Pro, the XP generation boost that was written about earlier. The second is the Marketplace. The Marketplace is a hub of NFTs that can be bought and sold for $PMX! You can list one of your own NFTs from your Profile, or you can purchase one that was listed by another player.

🩺 Getting Help, Sharing Feedback, and Reporting Bugs

We would love to hear feedback and bug reports in our Discord! We have the following channels setup for you:
  • #general
    • Chat with the rest of the community
  • #suggestions
    • Share any feedback/ideas you have!
  • #bug_report
    • Report any bugs you experience
  • #submit_a_ticket
    • Open a ticket that someone from the PlayerMint team will respond to
Feel free to share any feedback! We want to hear what you both like and dislike about the experience so we can make it better!